Have a Wp-Blog? Want to copy it to a different domian name?

wp-blog1  I enjoy purchasing new domain names and helping others do the same.

The challenge I have had is how to move a current blog to another domain site host by cloning it exactly as it is but with the new site name and admin login.  Yes, I have used sites such as Elance.com and fiverr.com and hire others to move it.  Now that is all in the past.

I have found a very inexpensive WP-plug in that will copy any WP-Blog or Website and allow you to clone it on another host, clone it to a new URL-domain name on your existing host or a new one plus it will Backup your blog for protection.  This plug is is simple, easy to use and has allowed me to copy my blogs to other domain names or hosts for other people.

Took this program and tried it out first.  After my fifth (5th) clone to different URL’s, I now feel it is a great tool to have.

Now you have a way to Copy, Clone, Backup or protect your existing WP-Blogs.

Want to know more?  Get full details at: http://RichGrannis/Backup

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